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About me



About me


My name is Sarah Julia Kriesch and I am 31 years old. I have got a German education in information technology. Before studying I worked as a Linux System Administrator and DevOps Engineer in the internet area. I have got 4 years of work experience in monitoring, automation, BigData and Cloud Computing. I am a Working Student (Admin/ DevOps) at ownCloud.

I am currently studying Computer Science at the TH N├╝rnberg. I am a Student Officer for Computer Science and the founder of the AG Open Source, a working group of Students who organize workshops, presentations and hackathons. I am educating Students in Linux with workshops, too.

It isn’t difficult to find out my hobbies. ­čÖé


In my free time I am a contributor for openSUSE. You can find me on, openSUSE forums, the openSUSE wiki and their mailing list, as an Advocate at German Open Source events, in the German openSUSE translation team, the openSUSE heroes team, the German Unix User Group and some conferences. If I would have some other time, I make music. I am a alumni of „Die Jungen F├╝rther Streichh├Âlzer“. That’s an orchestra for youth people.


Enjoy my blog!