openSUSE on ownCloud

It is Christmas time and I have got cookie cutters by openSUSE and ownCloud. What can you create as a happy Working Student at ownCloud and an openSUSE Contributor?

Normally you deploy ownCloud on openSUSE. But do you know the idiom „to be in seventh heaven“ (auf Wolke 7 schweben)?

I want to  show you openSUSE Leap 42.2 on ownCloud 9.


opensuse Leap 42.2 on owncloud 9
opensuse Leap 42.2 on ownCloud 9

9.1 is the latest release, and 7 not up to date and insecure for the openSUSE chameleon. The second reason is that the chameleon has got a perfect place on the cloud.

You can watch the success in both projects!

I wish you all a merry christmas and a lot of fun with your cookie cutters!

OpenRheinRuhr 2016

openSUSE took part of the OpenRheinRuhr like every year. This year we were sponsor and I was the organisator of that and the booth. Additional to that I gave a presentation about the new release of openSUSE Leap 42.2. It was full and many people were interested for the news in the community. I do that yearly and openSUSE talks are standard there since 3 years. Many people are saying that I am not allowed to be missed as a Speaker. The second standard speaker of openSUSE is Axel. His talk was about SUSE Studio and GNU Health this year. We represent openSUSE with our talks at the OpenRheinRuhr.

img_0128At first all Contributors got their T-Shirts and the table should be full with marketing material. Christian and Simon were looking for our Customers during my presentation. All people laughed afer hearing I would be a Working Student at ownCloud now and we want to have a cooperation booth (openSUSE / ownCloud) next year, because I want to continue with oganizing. The question with 32 bit support popped up again and the audience was happy that we have got Tumbleweed for that. openSUSE in the Linux ranking and our plans were questions, too. Top Linux Speakers (from Germany) were in the audience. They are my new focus for marketing, because they can represent openSUSE during their presentations and are really enthusiastic.

After lunch Simon asked me whether he can go to talks. I said: „Of course! You are an Advocate and should learn here, too. There aren’t better options than talks during such events for getting qualified people for the booth. I know why I look after enough people for a booth (more than 2) during conferences and expos.“ Simon smiled, told us the times and used it for learning in 2 talks.

We have got new interested volunteers for openSUSE. One guy wants to join the heroes team and a woman wants to become an Advocate. Other distributions want to cooperate, too. Gentoo created pins with our logo for our fans. And fsfe came to us with their cloud stickers and shown us the normed SUSE cloud on their stickers. All were happy. We had a lot of fun!


We had a conference party in the evening. We had so many sponsors that we were allowed to get free beer (for all) and grillables (for Contributors). Thanks to all sponsors! It was a nice evening.

The ZDF (Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen) was available at the second day. They went through the hall with their camera. Self filming (with webcam) in front of the ffmpeg booth was most interesting for them. I had to give ownCloud support and the webcam security (of openSUSE) was a highlight for customers. We were asked after our release day very often and I showed my presentation slides again and again. At the end Christian and I won books (Scrum and LibreOffice) at the tombola. The talk of Axel was successfully, too.

img_0133We enjoyed the OpenRheinRuhr and want to take part of such an Open Source event ( with a minimum of 2 talks) next year again. We know what we want to tell then, too. 😉

That was great!

openSUSE Conference 2016

June 22 until June 26 was the openSUSE Conference in Nuremberg. The location was the Z Bau. We had a lot good presentations from Security, YaST News, Release Management until Infrastructure, Monitoring and Configuration Management.

That was the first conference with  my own presentation in English. The talk was about monitoring and stress tests, something what I have done in the last years in my job. At first I was nervous. But I had many good friends around me who  took it away. 2 of them gave presentations, too. Oliver talked about USB in the kernel development and Christian made a quiz.

It was a good place and time for team discussions. Christian and I wanted to speak with the Infrastructure team about the situation with wiki servers in United States. We needed a SUSE guy from there and found Craig. After that we created a Infrastructure meeting and the openSUSE heroes team exist since this time. I am the Coordinator for a new wiki setup and openSUSE Contributors can get access to the Infrastructure. That was the highlight of the conference!

We took part of a Nuremberg tour through fermentation cellars which was really interesting. We discussed a lot and were able to see people in the community from everywhere on the world. The SUSE band played music in  the evening and we had a lot of fun!


FOSDEM Day 1 and Day 2


I have slept in the Hotel Evergreen. The breakfast was very small. The room and wireless were ok.

I have got luck, that other German people wanted to go to FOSDEM, too. They have been in the same hotel and knew the way from the last years. They shown me the different houses and I went directly to the openSUSE booth, where some of the community were available. CentOS was our neighbor. We all have got gloves and tee shirts by them. They have got beer by us.

I have got new t shirts. I wore one of last November with the new release. I was a little bit surprised, that we would have a new one again. DVDs with Leap were available, too. They were burned in December – the last month of Open Source Press. They closed. That was my first question, I asked Richard. He told me, that they have closed for books, but would produce DVDs for a longer time.  It was a full day for us at the booth. We disposed beer and t shirts. I new many faces from OpenRheinRuhr, FrOSCon and GUUG. It has been more famous faces I thought to know. I will see many of them at the FFG of the GUUG again.


I made a trip through the house to the other booths. People of our DevOps meetup group wanted to have Jenkins stickers. I took some of them. I bought a tee shirt by them, too. After that I heard, that they would have Jenkis meetup groups everywhere on the world, but not in Germany at the moment. We have got so many meetup groups for it in Karlsruhe and not Jenkins? It would be too late for me, because I want to change the town in May. I will give it to our organisators and take it with me for Nuremberg.teamFOSDEM


I was interviewed by the Hacker Public Radio.  They wanted to have a interview at every booth. My sound wasn’t very good after a common cold, but I did it. All my Open Source friends were coming to me at the booth. I gave Douglas some hints for the next oSC. I don’t know at the moment, whether I can come, because that will be my second month living in Nuremberg again. In the evening of the first day some community members wanted to go out for eating and drinking. At the end we let it for being fit for the next day.

At the next day the FOSDEM wasn’t so full like the day before. At the beginning I created a plan for visiting talks. I have got the next interview with a PhD student of the TU Berlin for his doctor thesis. His doctor father told him wrong things about the difference between Microsoft and Linux projects. Some things have been right, but our support can be faster than the support of Microsoft. And we get more and more customers by them.


My first visit to a talk was Literate DevOps for Configuration Management. I hoped a little bit more about this presentation. During the presentation I thought about doing every step with sed. My directly neighbor was another student at the German distance teaching university (Master Praktische Informatik). He wanted to know, how you can get more support by the university. I told him about our facebook group, newsgroups and irc. He was surprised, that the university would have irc channels. After his stories about his first studying (business information technology) und Hagen I am happy, that I want to change to Nuremberg. I don’t need a education degree by a university on the level of a university of applied science.


After that I went to Big Data meets fast Data. I have got luck for getting a free place. It was a presentation about different in-data-memory databases. That was very interesting for me. After that I took a conference waffle with me to the booth. I saw some people of B1 Systems again.

At the end of the day I have got a openSUSE box by Richard. I am looking forward to the future of the openSUSE box (perhaps without Open Source Press).



Thanks for the wonderful 2 days and the Travel Support. That was my first chance for coming to FOSDEM, because normally that’s the time for learning for the university. I have done a break this semester. I was able to take a lot with me. Next year I will have learning on the program at this time again.